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      death leaves his principal work unfinished. His Histoire deIt was towards America that Pitt turned his heartiest efforts. His first aim was to take Louisbourg, 48

      recluse. A shorter account of her will be found in"Moreover, your abuse of the authority which I have confided to you in exiling two councillors and the attorney-general for so trivial a cause cannot meet my approval; and, were it not for the distinct assurances given me by your friends that you will act with more moderation in future, and never again fall into offences of this nature, I should have resolved on recalling you." [11]

      And ye that love fighting shall soon have enough:

      [9] Dongan to Denonville, 13 Oct., 1685, in N. Y. Col. Docs., IX, 292.[9] This note, dated 7 Jan., 1691, is cited by Bowen in his Life of Phips, Sparks's American Biography, VII.

      The ship that carried Colonel King, of the artillery, had a narrow escape. King says that she anchored in a driving rain, "with a shoal of rocks on each quarter within a cable's length of us, which we plainly perceived by the waves breaking over them in a very violent manner." They were saved by a lull in the gale; for if it had continued with the same violence, he pursues, "our anchors could not have held, and the wind and the vast seas which ran, would have broke our ship into ten thousand pieces against the rocks. All night we heard nothing but ships firing and showing lights, as in the utmost distress."[167]

      [18] Rcit d'une Rligieuse Ursuline, in Les Ursulines de Qubec, I. 470.


      [20] Denonville, Mmoire de 10 Aoust, 1688.


      CHAPTER XI.[673] Vaudreuil au Ministre, 8 Avril, 1759.


      other editions, the same account is given in different