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      "How did they come to be yours, sir?" said the Aid sternly. "Picked them up, didn't you?"

      "Rose," he said again, and his voice quivered as he said it, "you do want me a liddle bit now."

      Dodd woke with the words in his mind, flashing on and off like a lighted sign. Back in the Confederation (he had seen pictures) there were moving stair-belts, and at the exits, at turnoffs, there were flashing signs. The words in his mind were like that: if he ignored them he would be carried on past his destination, into darkness and strangeness.Harry was soon established on the upturned cask beside the fighting booth which had always been the fiddler's place. He began to play at once"Nice Young Maidens"to all appearances quite indifferent to the jostle round him. Naomi could not help marvelling at Reuben, toohe was so cool, possessed and assured, so utterly without anything in the way of embarrassment or self-consciousness.

      Shorty started to gasp. "But I done all that"


      "You must come away with me," he said abruptly.The Captain stood on a little elevation to the rear and somewhat apart, intently studying the rebel line through his field-glasses. After a few words of direction as to the pointing of the guns, and the command, "Begin firing," he had given no orders, scarcely spoken. He could not have been heard in that terrible turmoil. He had simply brought his terrible engine of destructionthe engine upon which he and his men had lavished years of laborious drilling and traininginto position, and set it going.


      "Indeed you ?un't."


      "Money fur us all. The Squire ?un't no Tory grabber."